There are roughly 61 million adults with disability currently and out of this 13.7% and almost 4% of the people have some form of mobility inhibition and are under self care. With the world moving towards technology and innovation we have forgotten the need and necessity to help others and be humane. When elderly and disabled people slip or fall down they find difficult to find help or even help themselves. With the out growth of the use of mobile phones we wanted to harness this as a way to provide an opportunity to help people in need.

What it does

We have built an hybrid app which detects falls or slips using the accelorometer sensor data and sends a SOS through twilio's messaging service and alerts your emergency contact list with an sms as well as an email. We also send the location data so that they can reach out to the person.

How we built it

We used ruby on rails as our backend, These is a notifications service that uses twilio API. The twilio API is used for both sending all the emergency contacts emails and SMS messages, The frontend application is in android , the application is intentionally built very simple for the ease of users, the users has the ablity to add emergency contact and ping the rails server in case of emergency ie when the user falls or presses sos, it would right away ping the EMS and friends and relatives.

Challenges we ran into

We had to decide whether the free fall of the phone was due to accidental drop or a real slip. We overcomed this by adding a functionality feature that informs the caregiver if their family member actually fell by automatically notfiying them through SMS message.It also has an added feature that enables the user to deny a fall to inform the caregiver there is no emergency by pressing on a icon that reads "Not an emergenecy". true, false - ml mode phone fall or real emergency?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ease of use: Due to three button feature it would enable ease of use for patients. By helping elderly population transcend difficulties in day to day life, we are able to give back to the society.

What we learned

We were new to Twilio's messaging service and two of our team mates had to learn ruby on rails on the go and implement it.

What's next for The Savior

Implementing it as a service which is always running in the background when the phone starts and providing specialized modes such as a disability mode. We are also planning to implement integrating speech to text conversion using IBM Watson

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