The Next Level of Securing Possessions

INSPIRATION: In the last 40 months, there has been roughly 50,000 million safe deposit boxes that has been impacted by natural elements, burglary and robbery, a study performed by ValuePenguin, Incorporated shows. So, how safe IS your safe? There are challenges to safe boxes whether that may be in a bank or your local hotel space. You can forget your pin, lose your key or someone can easily just break in. With this in mind, we were inspired to create a safe box that solves all these issues.

WHAT IT DOES: Our safe is built to unlock only to the face of its owner instead of depending on a pin or a key. We also have created an iOS app to lock and unlock the safe remotely.

HOW WE BUILT IT: Using Python, Amazon Web Services Computer Vision for facial recognition, a Raspberry Pi camera, and we used software applications with hardware to implement a module that responds to a specific facial pattern.

CHALLENGES WE RAN INTO: Some of the challenges we ran into was building a safe that was able to recognize faces as well as being able to navigate and use AWS.

ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT WE'RE PROUD OF: Of the trial and errors we encountered this weekend, the best accomplishment that we are most proud of is that this is an original idea. With face-recognizable phones and doorknobs out in the market, a facial-recognition safe is the next level of securing our possessions.

WHAT WE LEARNED: Our team came up with an idea that will create the most impact and will decrease crime rates such as burglary. Using AWS was a challenge for us, so learning how to use it efficiently with our project was refreshing.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR SAFE FACE: The next step for "Safe Face" is to mass-produce it and present it to those who will benefit from our creation. In addition to this, we will work on recognizing faces more accurately as well as making slightly larger safes for larger corporations such as banks that need it.

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