Inspiration: Practicing for cross country races was a daily routine in my boarding school. As a student who is always looking out for project idea opportunities, I thought of making a project that would make running fun and more productive. Thus the idea of charging a mobile phone using footsteps came to my head.

What it does: The electronic circuit attached to the phone charges a battery pack while the runner is running and wearing the shoe.

How I built it: I and my project partner Aayush used our knowledge of Semiconductors, electronics, piezo-electric effect, and a little bit of python and MySQL to make this project.

Challenges I ran into We decided to compete with this project in a Science project competition and because of various complications like lack of knowledge of using sensors and circuit building we were not able to 100% execute this project before the deadline.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Even with the project not being fully complete, we were chosen as the winner of the contest, and "The Running Solution" was awarded the best project by the jury.

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