Jartel Inc, has developed the Robostopper also called the Robonator. The Robostopper, doesn't block robocalls, it is an enforcement tool to be used by the FTC to prevent them from happening by shutting down the companies that make the calls.

How the Robostopper works: The Robostopper is a specially designed reporting system whereby the FTC receives information about specific robocalls from our system and from our calling party reporting system. The FTC will use this system to issue subpoena's to the telco's involved to track down the originator of the calls.

For example, I have AT&T phone service at my home. As soon at the FTC receives notification from our system that a qualified robocall was received, they immediately send a subpoena to AT&T asking which carrier sent them the call. The FTC will ask for a fast response. The FTC will need to work fast - hence our automated reporting system, before logs are written over. The FTC will then send a subpoena to the carrier that AT&T determined sent them the call. The FTC will ask this carrier if this customer was an end user or another carrier. Many times a call goes through several carriers before it reaches the final destination. While the ANI and Caller ID can be spoofed, the trunk the call came in on can't be.
If the subpoena's are timely issued, then you will always be able to track down the originator of the calls. When enough originators of these robocalls are prosecuted, the problem will go away.

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