Wellness products are not only are beneficial to the well being of the user, but they also have unique opportunities to be optimized when the personalized biological data of the user connects to the devices in their connected suite. Further, traditional industries are being disrupted at an unprecedented rate. Creating a partnership ecosystem between the user's data profile and their connected devices will allow Roger's to be an active participant in the 5G revolution, instead of just a carrier. Our value proposition includes reducing customer churn and increasing customer stickiness. But even more valuable, is creating a content-based platform for Rogers in the Health & Wellness space, reducing the risk of being viewed as a commoditized utility while providing users with a connected wellness solution.

What it does

Ripple is a customized wellness toolbox based on individualized biofeedback and machine learning. Using the HRV (heart rate variability) data derived from their wearable device, the model learns the trends in the user's instances of stress and anxiety throughout their day. Based on the feedback from the user, Ripple will respond to these mood interruptions with appropriate "Ripple Response" preferred by the user. These responses may include shifting focus using bluetooth speakers/ headphones, prompting an integrated meditation break in partnership with the user's meditation app or if at home, a response that is integrated with the user's Smart Home System (dim lights, play soft music or nature sounds). These responses are based on the following 4 principles where research has indicated are effective methods of responding to and managing stress:

  1. CBM Training - The Journal of Biological Psychology which found that you can mute the brain’s anxiety/threat response with simple shifts in attentional training
  2. Personalize your wellness toolbox - Trigger positive ripples when stress is detected by your smart wearable
  3. Biophilic response - Bring ripple home with biophilic designs linked to your smart projector, calming music at the time you need it most
  4. Strength in data - Teach ripple your stress cues, use your data to better inform your healthcare providers

How we built it

The Machine Learning Model and Demo Sound Cue:

Challenges we ran into

To bring the technology behind Ripple to life at today's Tech Jam, the challenges we ran into with our JS trained machine learning model include: i) The model was not able to be uploaded to GitHub as it is beyond the file limit (25 MB). When considering the business implications for Rogers our challenges included: i) Identifying the core user base and the potential opportunities for integrating Ripple into their life. ii) Identifying the tone and branding of the product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All in all, we are incredibly proud that as a team, we were able to brainstorm an idea, go through many iterations to come full circle and creating a viable product that meets the business needs of our customer base. Incorporating many of our passions, including machine learning, internet of things, graphic design, wellness and well-being, and business analytics, we are thrilled to present our solution, which we believe aligns strongly with the problem statement presented by Rogers.

What we learned

The Ripple Team learned how powerful a diverse skill set can be when developing a product full circle, from the machine learning model to the front end mockups, to the business case and managing the team. In developing this product, the connected parts of what it takes to bring a product to life were illuminated and all team members have takeaways of a new skill, making us better and more well-rounded technical professionals.

What's next for The Ripple: Wellness Ecosystem

As the connected world expands, there are increasing opportunities for your personalized wellness data can customize your life so that your stress is managed seamlessly, effectively and more productively. Connected devices in the future that may provide a Ripple Response include; Smart/ automated cars, Building Automated Systems (smart office sensors, lighting, speakers).

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