This game drew inspiration from two team members who have fathers that have worked with metal and as a metal worker/welder. We wanted to do something that honored a tough profession but also how it could be enjoyed as a Virtual Reality experience.

What it does

Its a game where you can experience what it was like to be an 18th century blacksmith. This is all done through Virtual Reality you can understand how to temper and draw out your steel using your Hammer and forge to. The grinder will present you your finished weapon when you have grinded your hammered steel.

How We built it

Unity C# HTC VIVE Steam VR

Challenges I ran into

This is our first attempt at development in any VR platform. The challenges we encountered were the most difficult when working with items in VR. Making the objects get picked up and placed comfortably in the users hands when transferring and exporting models from blendr. We encountered issues with the materials not properly being exported. The scale of some of the objects were also larger at first then intended.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

We set out to accomplish a comfortable VR experience and I believe we were able to do so. The assets that are original and unique to our team offer a great finishing touch to the things we learned today. The gameplay mechanics functioning as originally intended in the design phase was a great accomplishment as well.

What I learned

That there are necessary things to convey a sense of comfort when developing a VR. One must think of the user. Their are many experiences and stories and lives we can live through VR. Its a way to put yourself not in someone elses shoes. But their eyes. You become the character when you see what they see through your eyes.

What's next for The Riddle Of Steel

Expand on the gameplay to allow you to travel across town and deliver weapons. Have customers and sophisticated clientele become unlocked and request jobs as your renown and experience grows. Eventually exploring the town and possibly have a sword fighting mechanic againts NPCs.

Built With

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