Domestic waste recycling is a huge issue in Mekong countries and Singapore. We wish to build a solution that can incentivize people to recycle

What it does

The Restro Machines, which can collect and sort recyclables autonomously, are deployed into neighbours for public access. Upon collection, incentives, such as tissue paper, are distributed to incentives the public. Incentives also serve as media to raise awareness by the advertisement on it.

How we built it

The Restro system contains of the following components

  • AI Core: to identify and sort collected wastes
  • Web Portal: to monitor and manage the Restro Machines across the region
  • Recycle Terminal (The Restro Machine): to collect waste from the public.

Challenges we ran into

  • Object detection

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Built an ecosystem to better connect different parties, Citizens, Advertisers and Recycling companies.
  • 80% accuracy to correctly identify an user disposed item.

What we learned

What's next for the Restro Machine

During the daily operations, details of disposal items including date, time, item type and etc are collected to the cloud. Internally, these are valuable to better allocate The Restro Machine, and fine tuning the item recognition process. Externally, the data could be exposed as open data for public to access for further analysis.

We believe the Restro system has a sustainable business model. We will look for capital support in order to make the Restro grow faster in the entire region.

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