In 2017, 46.6 million adults in the U.S. were treated for a mental illness, representing nearly 20% of the adult population, yet the percentage of women being treated for mental illness was almost 50% higher than the percentage of men and non-binary are not even in the statistics. Gender minorities face a lot of mental and physical issues. So I bring to you Regina. Regina is Latin for Queen. I believe a queen is someone who is mentally strong, physically strong and sometimes when she gets demotivated, she knows how to get back up. This web application helps you become a queen.

What it does and how it was built

The Regina consists of three software subsystems. Firstly I have a web application that keeps a track of your happiness index. You simply log in to your dashboard and select the emoji best describing your day. Then a graph is generated according to your records. This motivates the person to keep trying to increase their happiness index and keep a check on their mental health. You can also update your profile and if you forget your password, you can reset it and you will receive a secure link to change it in your mail. I have used React in the front end of the web application. Firebase was used while authenticating users and Firestore for storing and retrieving the key-value pairs. After fetching the data I used chart.js to convert the data into a graph to give the user a better visual representation. I have also used cloud fare for securing the web application.

The second part of The Regina is a chrome extension to talk to someone on google meet and keep all the privacy you want. This chrome extension shows only what you want to show. So you can freely talk to anyone anywhere. It can blur videos, chats, participant list etc and you simply hover over it to see. The Chrome extension was built in HTML, CSS and vanilla Javascript.

Lastly, I have an AR application that teaches you some very crucial self-defence moves. You can either watch it in VR on the website or you can also download the app to get the full Augmented Reality experience. You can simply tap on the move you want to learn and the instructor will teach you how to do it. The AR model required AR core, AR Foundation, Unity 3D and Blender.

Challenges I ran into

Being a beginner in software development, I had no experience using Firebase and Firestore. Storing and fetching data took a huge amount of time as I kept getting errors. In the chrome extension part, selecting the exact ids was pretty difficult and confusing. I also faced a lot of problems configuring the DNS server while hosting. It was also difficult to sum up the entire prototype in 2 mins.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I was able to overcome all the challenges and was able to create a completely functional prototype. I was able to fetch the data and make the graph as I had envisioned and also the AR model came out to be pretty good and the animations were working smoothly. I am most proud of the fact that this product will be able to help many people across the globe.

What I learned

I learnt how to integrate Firebase and Firestore with react, create map elements and fetch data and convert the corresponding key values pairs into a graph. Once I got to know how to select the ids on the website, making the chrome extension went smoothly. Although I had experience working with AR, this was the first time I made the project on WebGL platform. And finally, I was able to integrate all three software subsystems in one place.

What's next for The Regina

Currently, The Regina in terms of data breaches only makes Google meet secured the chrome extension can be extended to other social media platforms and apps as in Microsoft teams, Discord and more. The Regina fitness trainer hosting on the cloud to make the rendering fast and quick. The web application emotion scaling after proper research on the number can be either scaled up to more emotions or scaled down to less. Social media share buttons will be added so that people can share their graphs showing their happiness index.

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