##THE RED CODE Why Stay Quiet : In India ,women face the most disadvantageous situation while talking about menstrual health and hygeine. It is considered a taboo in the society and this is not only the case in India but all around the world.


Being a team where we all are female members it was easy for us to imagine the problems faced by women during these days but though we learned about a lot of shocking details while working on this project like 23 million girls drop out of school due to menstrual problems. So we wish to sensitize people around us and help females by providing them better reach of menstrual products and doctors for consultation along with various services.

What it does

Our mission is to help reduce menstruation stigma by spreading awareness and promoting healthy menstrual hygeine by providing resources, schemes and offers. Our vision is that menstruation,being a natural process it should not hinder woman overall development of woman which in turn is responsive for global development.

How we built it

We built our website by mainly using HTML and CSS .

Challenges we ran into

_"Without facing challenges one can never learn." _ with this mindset we decided to take part in this hackathon. Being a beginner and newbie we did face a few challenges on our way. But the one major challenge was making our site responsive. It took long discussion and couple of meetings to figure our exactly the design and layout of our website. But we overcame all challenges at last and hence learning a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This whole project THE RED CODE is the biggest achievement for us. While making of this project we got to know each other better which turned out to work as our advantage thus growing our team bonding and making this project an accomplishment for our team that we can be proud of.

What we learned

Talking about technologies, we all are new to Web Development and are still working on to improve it. While making this project we learnt a lot about new tags and designing part in HTML and CSS mainly. Apart from that based on our theme we got to know about the facts and statistics related to menstruation problem faced by women in India and all around the world , thus we ourselves got a lot more sensitized about this problem and learned about the impact it can have on a woman's future.

What's next for THE RED CODE

We wish to create this website into a hub for women facing issues and those who are shy about menstruation , health and hygeine related topics and find it difficult to discuss and hence expand and make a community section on our website so that women can openly discuss the problems faced by them. Our website will also expand a section called as period tracker so that women can keep a track of the dates. We further wish to provide various schemes and offers launched by government so as to help women during their period days , for example , free pad distribution schemes, health and hygein seminar details etc. Thus we wish to empower women and cater to their menstrual needs.

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