This is the Prototype crusher that should be in every dorm and house. We target the young audience to get accustomed to recycling and seeing the benefits behind it. When a can is collected, it can be placed in the chute where sensors monitor and count the number of cans entered into it. It travels down the chute to a receptacle where it awaits its fate. Once a number of cans are collected, a compacter initiates and crushed the cans further down, making more room and an awesome spectacle for everyone. Every can has value when it is recycled. The program displays the number of cans collected and displays the price that the cans will receive when they go to the scrap centers. The owner is able to change the amount of money per pound if the current price per pound for Aluminum changes. The final Project will be a much smaller scale system meant for dorms or in a kitchen to crush 5-10 cans at a time.

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