The recruitment game

Recruitment is an art. Humans recruit humans/non-humans from the pool of information they have but has anyone connected with all the homo-sapiens around the world? Cicada 3301 was meant to recruit highly intelligent people through the dark-web. It was/is a collaborative effort from humans all around the globe to connect with people who wanted to work together to achieve a common goal, innovation! I care for each and everyone on this planet so I want to recruit everyone whether it's the dark web or the surface web. The recruitment game will help us connect with people, to understand people and the most important thing of all, it'll help people to understand how a person's mind works.


This game started in 2013 when a group of like-minded people were having a cup of coffee and discussing advance recruitment techniques. There were engineers, researchers, and a human being which nobody knows. People call that person Cicada. They intended to connect with every human on the planet but the only thing common between that group was that they played games. They were all cryptographers in their ways so they started a game. I might have also played that game sometime in my life but it was not available publicly. This is an open-source game that will help us to achieve the goal which they intended to achieve.

What it does

This is a scavenger hunt. It is a simple game but complex at the same time. A person can solve these clues using a computer or just a pen and paper. As you can see in the videos that I designed a game using a pencil so a human can easily solve it with a pencil or a computer but, it solely remains in the hands of the human which path they use because each path leads to a different destination. Everyone has started the journey from a different place but we will end it together!

What's next for The recruitment game

This is a game which will keep on going until all the people interested are into it. A person will start the game and will get bored because they might be unable to reach the next clue but, each and every clue will be a hurdle or a step forward. This can turn into one of the world's largest open-source project where researchers from all over the world can contribute and help each other to achieve their goals. I started this game alone with the intention to connect people. Let's see what happens next.

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