Inspiration: A love for food between three almost-strangers and a desire to get access to recipes for a whole meal quickly without needing to sift through a hundred variations of one food on other sites.

What it Does: The Recipe Project is an easy-to-use, one-stop recipe bank for people who are looking for a convenient way to find recipes for a multitude of delicious home-made dishes. The three categories and variety of recipes within each category make it easy to create a three course meal or find some new item to try. Recipes were selected to be easy to read and understand for chefs of all experience levels. Users are able to submit their own recipes or ones that they would like to see on the website.

Challenges: We knew nothing. At all. Seriously. This is the first time for all of us. We spent a long time learning even the basics structures -- Google and research took up the entire morning.

Accomplishments: We delivered a complete project. Maybe not perfect, but complete. We are proud of:

  • working buttons and navigation bar
  • image backgrounds
  • creating so many pages for our beginning recipe database
  • we have a submission form!

What We Learned: Everything. Google was our best friend today. Git HTML CSS Javascript

What’s Next: The Recipe Project would like to take in user submitted recipes and publish them, possibly implementing a “recipe bank rotation” to allow users to continue to experience the simplicity of design without taking away from the ability of the user to experience new dishes. Implementation of a “random” button for even more spontaneous cooking. Inclusion for people with dietary restrictions. Picture submission system for our users to leave their results.

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