Members of the team wondered about how much of a person's personality could be extracted solely based on their social media content, meaning what they tweeted, liked, or otherwise posted about.

What it does

As a team, we took this idea a step further: extracting a person's health and finance characteristics based on this content.

How we built it

We started from a node.js server and wrote a system to pull a user's Twitter timeline. We then sent this to IBM Watson for natural language understanding and personality insight. The corresponding response was sent to a Mongo database, routed through MicroStrategy's analytics sdk and rendered using the React frontend.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the Mongo database to the MicroStrategy data analytics sdk.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a very simplistic and clean frontend.

What we learned

mongoDB, React, Css3, AWS, JS, Data visualization and analytics

What's next for The RealYou

Expanding to multiple social media platforms to allow for a breadth-first search of data opposed to deep diving into one platform. This will allow the real you to create a more complete analysis of the user.

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