We got in trouble. A couple weeks ago we had a noise complaint from our RA, so we decided to never have a noise complaint again.

What it does

Identifies certain scenarios and deals with them accordingly, scenarios such as having someone knock on the door or if the residents are too loud.

How we built it

We McGyvered a number of pieces and libraries together into a self contained system. Using an Arduino with a microphone plus a Raspberry PI with a camera. We used the Clarifai API to recognize if there was a person at the door.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble figuring out how to measure these noises and visuals. Also how to reduce mic interference, how to identify who or what was at the door, how to take an image remotely, processing images, etc. We also had an android app and Pebble app that did not come to fruition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to establish two-way connection between the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi, all of our API's are integrated correctly, and all of the Arduino outputs are wired correctly.

What we learned

Bluetooth integration is a lot more annoying than the android tutorial might suggest. There are a large number of factors to two-step Bluetooth integration between master and slave computers.

What's next for The RBG

Finishing the Android app to interface between different users and the app, being able to change who is on what whitelist and what notifications each person gets for what situations matched. Ideally this will also have a firewall built in to protect the numbers of the users, and that there would be different whitelists for different notifications.

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JJason121 posted an update

I focused mainly on building the android app that would connect to the Rasberry Pi 3. The app has a bluetooth function which would allow a constant stream of inputs and outputs between the phone and the Rasberry Pi. However testing took more time than we planned, so the app was scratched so I could help out on the other aspects of this project.

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