Tired of our Rare Pepes depreciating in value as they are redistributed and viewed - becoming more common with each share or set of prying eyes - we sought a solution to create the Rarest Pepe possible while simultaneously keeping it safe from prying eyes, forever. We were inspired by the art of Chindogu - while the meme we create is priceless in its uniqueness and rarity, the feature that maintains its uniqueness prevents anyone from ever seeing it - barring either cracked encryption or the psychic visions of Madame Zandra.

What it does

Upon insertion of a USB drive into our Raspberry Pi, a fresh Rare Pepe is generated, encrypted, and deposited on the drive.

How we built it

We used the Python library OpenCV to randomly manipulate a stock image of Pepe to create a unique, never before seen variation on the meme. We used gpg encryption to prevent prying eyes from viewing our new rare meme. All of this was automated with Bash scripting.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of issues getting the Pi up and running - fresh out of the box, our Bluetooth keyboard didn't work with it until we'd upgraded the kernel, the distribution, and run a few apt-get upgrades, which took forever on the limited hardware. We had trouble finding the freshly inserted USB to write to in the filesystem as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning more about encryption and automation in Linux.

What we learned

Two of our teammates very little experience with Linux previously. We've learned how to encrypt files with gpg and how to utilize OpenCV to randomly modify images.

What's next for The Rarest Pepe

Our automation isn't fully functional at time of writing. We're having trouble finding the disk to write the new meme to. We'd like to spruce things up a bit - a custom Pepe case for the Pi seems in order. More advanced image manipulation technology is possible - we could draw from a larger pool of source images, and modify them in a more complicated and more aesthetically pleasing way. A stretch goal would be image generation with a neural network, trained on a database of rare Pepes to create entirely fresh memes.

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