The inspiration for the project is partially based around the concept of the 'million dollar picture', which is a static image on a landing page that sold 1M pixels for $1 each. Individuals, businesses, and others purchased their desired amount of pixels and provided an image to display and provided an external link for their owned pixel(s) on the grid.

We are creating something similar, but with a thriving ecosystem webbed together across each 'pixel tile' (pxTile) of the 1280x800px canvas.

With Solana, this project becomes something truly special and unique where there is ownership down to the pixel.

What it does

With Solana, this project becomes something truly special and unique. You click on can click on 1/16,000 blocks and see who owns it and the metadata they are wanting to provide. They own this block and the control of their 64px tile FOREVER. They have the ability to alter the RBG, which changes their specific tile and in turn changes the entire 1280x800px canvas.

How we built it

We created the smart contract and a backend to provide community a better data-fetching way, because the data stored for The Quad onto the blockchain is more than 3MB and we needed a way to chache informations to let the community navigate through history quickly. Of course the backend will be fully open sourced and available for the community to self-host or to be implemented by everyone

Challenges we ran into

The main problem was to decide how scalable this was going to be, and because our vision is to let the community evolve the project, we decided to make It as much implementable as possible from both simple users and developers

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to have found a way to more around the quadrants of the 1,000,000 pixels and 16,000 quadrants and developing.

What's next for The Quad - Quadrato Ecosystem

We are looking to release sections of the canvas in specific waves. We would like to improve the demo site's UI/UX.

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