We all wanted to do something out of her comfort zone. So we decided that we wanted to create a something related a dinosaur, mainly a pterodactyl. We were inspired to make something that we were not prepared to do.

What it does

Right now the drone is made out of carbon fiber so it might me able to fly. The Iron man drone works with a tilt sensor which triggers a fan and an LED to spin and make the user look like and feel like Iron Man.

How we built it

Sydney designed the drone base while Mackenzie and Aeirss crafted the drone. It was difficult after using a heat gun and it essentially being unsteady because it mostly melted. Jordyn and Ihem did all of the wiring and making sure we could get this done in time.

Challenges we ran into

Since none of us knew how to use an Arduino that was the biggest wall we hit. The other thing was when Sydney was designing the holders for the motors it was the same size, which caused the motor to not be able to fit inside. We spent roughly the next 3 hours trying to fix this. After that we just decided to print a new one this time out of carbon fiber so it had a better chance of firing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making this project and being able to present something. On Friday we were ready to lose, now we really believe that we may place. We are so proud of the fact that any of us were capable of doing this.

What we learned

We learned that we could create anything if we really put our minds to it. We didn't think that we could do it but here we are with a drone. After all we've been through this past weekend not only are we better friends we are better makers.

What's next for The Ptero-drone

The next thing we want to do is make a control that works the same way as the Iron Man glove with a tilt sensor. Put some fine touches

Built With

  • 3-d-printing
  • iron-man
  • led
  • lilypad
  • tape
  • wires
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