Hello! We are four tomatoes on the raft and our product is The Protector. Our idea was to develop a mobile application, but not only to deal with software side of the problem as well as to include the hardware part and connect it all via internet. As people are growing old, they should get a suitable healthcare. We have developed a device, which can detect when a person falls. It sends the data of the incident to the server, which then further manipulates data and notifies relatives or a caretaker about the incident. Our device consist of two parts, one is hardware module, that an elderly person wears, and the other is an application, which notifies the relatives about the fall. The hardware part of the project utilizes Intel Edison, small computer-on-module equiped with wi-fi communication that provides opensource software development environment. To get data about the movement we used Grove - digital 3D accelerometer sensor. Our code process the data in javascript and transmits data to node.js server. The mobile application gets the data from the server so when the android user gets online, he recieves information about the past accidents. The future holds many interesting opportunities and also a diverse field of application for this product. A variaty of similar devices could be used to gather information about traffic accidents and improve response time of first responders and there for saving more lives.

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