We got inspired by CTP. After we got into CTP, we were added to the Slack channel and almost every day we receive a link with resources related to Events, Jobs, Hackathons, etc. So we decided to create a webpage were students around CUNY can post all those types of resources. Everyone is always looking for an event or job/internship, so The Programming Corner was created for all those students that have links for people or students looking for one.

What it does

The Programming Corner provides people (dedicated to students) a space where they can post things about technology. Post about Jobs/Internships, Events, Hackathons, etc. Or just even search for them. This webpage is purely for students to help each other with resources.

How we built it

We had to learn Reactjs and review HTML, CSS and Javascript syntax. We also started learning Flask to build the backend, however we couldn't get to the Backend. The FrontEnd was built from the knowledge that we got from Reactjs in these two days.

Challenges we ran into

The three of us just know C++ from school. We learned HTML, CSS, and Javascript years ago but haven't practice. So, we had to review the syntax again and learn a new thing called Reactjs. It took us almost a day to come up with the idea and then started learning Reactjs. Also not been able to be in the same place makes it harder by working virtually and this was our first time meeting each other.

How many hours did we put into this project

An approximate of 15 hours we worked in this project, developing the idea, learning, coding, and submitting it.

What we learned/Accomplished

We learn so many things from this Hackathon, it was our first one. We learned how to communicate virtually and work as a team. Learned a Javascript library called Reactjs that is used for the FrontEnd on webpages. We are proud that we accomplished to create a small webpage in the amount of time that we had and will continue to learn and develop better web pages for the future.

What's next for The Programming Corner

This Project is not nearly done, we will keep looking into Reactjs and make a web page that looks nicer and grabs everyone's attention. Learn Flask and do the Backend of the web page. We will continue building this web page until it gets done and functional so students can help each other!

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