Our organization's mission is to foster and engage in charitable activities that benefit the public. We have created an efficient process for identifying and solving problems that utilizes the internet and social networking. Here's how it works: Qualifying citizens of US post problems in their community and request resources on problem-solution.org. Requests may be products; like pencils, sleeping bags, wheelchairs, and basically any product that can be used to help solve a problem. Requests can also be simply monetary, to be used for the same purpose of aiding in the solution of the problem. Once a problem has been posted, anyone can browse our collection of posted problems and donate resources toward specific problems that they wish to help solve. Once the necessary funding level is reached, or the donation period ends, we send the resources to where they need to go! Our donation system is highly automated, which allows us to operate our service on minimal funding. This means more of your donated dollars go to who needs it the most, and not us. Our service was designed to give the user the maximum amount of control possible with their donations. This creates a unique and effective way for citizens to control where their money goes and impact their community without leaving home.

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