Originally, we were going to build a HoloLens app to scan barcodes and find the price at Target. About six hours in, we realized that we just wouldn't be able to use the HoloLens. We liked the idea of the Target API and sought to find a creative use for it, when one of our team members decided to procrastinate and watch the Price is Right!

What it does

The app shows you ten items, for which you have to guess the price (rounded to the nearest dollar) without going over. At the end, it summarizes your results and gives you a score out of 1000.

How we built it

We manually scraped some TCINs off the website and then used the API to get names, prices, and images of items. We then built the front-end to somewhat resemble the website. When it came time to run the app, we used Cycle to host it and a domain.

Challenges we ran into

It took quite a bit of faith to persevere when we thought the Target API didn't exist. It was initially rather difficult to figure out the Target API, as documentation is rather lacking. We were able to figure it out eventually and then built this awesome app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning to use the Target API

What we learned

  • Not to code for devices we can't get
  • How to use the Target API

What's next for the Price is On Target

Have voice-activated compatibility with Amazon Echo or Google Home

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