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The game was inspired by all the commotion surrounding Donald Trump in recent years. He fought against many of his enemies such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schuman, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. We thought it would be funny to take some of their speeches out of context and put them into our game to make it hilarious. The gameplay was inspired by an old Lego Indiana Jones game on the web.

What it does

In the Presidential Race, you try to run as long as you can as Donald Trump, running away from the enemy. Along the way, you will encounter many obstacles, and you have to jump or slide underneath all of them.

How we built it

I was in charge of the artwork and sound design of the game. All of our artwork was designed from scratch in Photoshop. For the faces, I took out some of the most interesting photos and cut out their faces. For the audio, I select some of the funniest quotes that our characters said and trimmed them in Audacity.

Adam was in charge of the gameplay. He built the whole thing in Unity, using the game engine at his disposal. He also decided to program the functionality entirely in C# rather than using the visual editor because it offered more flexibility and control.

Challenges we ran into

It's been a few year since I'd touched Photoshop since high school, even artwork itself. So I had to relearn how to use the software from scratch again and thankfully I was able to learn quick enough to build out our background images and cut out the faces.

Adam hadn't touched Unity for quite a while too. He hadn't really made a full game before, let alone with making a 2D platformer. It's also been a while since he programmed in C#. He had the most challenge with time. There simply wasn't enough time to implement all the details of the game and visual design of the game the way we initially imagined. So he had to change up a things like the obstacles by making use of some of my assets instead of using box images as obstacles. He didn't have enough time to explore changing faces and smoother animation. However, he did pretty good given this was his first time using Unity to make a full game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Given that I'm an ECE (electrical and computer engineering) major, I'd say being an game artist/designer is something out of my typical scope. However, I was able to pull some strings and make our game artwork look pretty good. As I said before, it's been a few years since I touched Photoshop, and so I had to relearn it. I also did have a background doing hand drawing art like a decade ago, and so I guess I had enough artistic skills to accomplish what I set out to do.

Adam majors in CS (computer science), specifically in the data science field. So game-making is out of his scope as well. He hadn't touched Unity or C# for a while and hadn't made a full game, and so he's proud that he was able to developer 2D platformer game from scratch.

What we learned

I'm proud that I learned how to use Photoshop and add it under my belt as another skill. I was pretty satisfied that I could learn how to use it fast and apply it to our game design right away. I'm also happy with the idea of our game. I'm also happy that Adam was able to learn a lot with Unity and did his best to finish as much of the game as possible.

Adam was proud that he was able to learn Unity and C# to make our game. It was definitely a lot of work and definitely a very challenging task to overcome.

We're both happy that we were able to put the time in to make a functioning game and learn the skills needed to accomplish it.

What's next for The Presidential Race

I'm sure there's quite a bit we can do to make our game better and more polished. Just to state a few, we would probably smooth out the animations, add shadowing, make the transition from one room to the next more seamless, add changing faces to show more expressions (because we didn't get enough time to add all the faces I'd cut out in Photoshop), and add a pause menu.

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