We've created an app for monitoring and managing a condition. For this hack, we are focusing on Type 2 Diabetes. The aim of this project is to promote the outpatient and community aspects to managing any condition.

The Presby's is a game for children or relatives of people with s certain condition.

Think of a Presby as a tomagachi for your health! When the health of your Presby goes down, custodians who play the Presby game can notify the person with this condition to take a certain action to improve their health. These actions are monitored using a wearable device (fitbit) and logged into your HealthVault for your doctors.

When a person with a condition is not following their treatment schedule, Presby users (custodians) are notified to contact the person with the condition either via text, in person or in extreme cases, they can email the General Practitioner that their patient has missed something in their treatment.

We believe health management and education should be done with those closest to you!

Meet the Presbys!

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