Predictions markets are growing in popularity and crowdsourced data can provide wisdom and insights to people, businesses, organizations, with predictions on markets, assets, events, really anything you want to know from a collective consciences.

What it does

With The Predictors APP you can win prizes and earn Ocean token rewards from making correct predictions. Token rewards can be traded for cash an other tokens. As you level up your accuracy and make more correct predictions on the app your rewards ratio will increase. Train your abilities and see if you can become a Master Predictor. Or join just to ask for predictions, with The Predictors APP you also can get predictions from the crowd. Find out what others are predicting is going to happen in the marketplace or other future outcomes. Crowdsource the data you need to make better decisions with The Predictor App.

How we built it

We are using Gravity Forms with Zapier APIs to connect prediction data in Google sheets. We wanted to connect it to a Ocean dataToken but it costs $18.79 to create the token and I was unaware it was going to have more transactions $97.07 involved and for way more ETH than I had in the wallet. We were both new to Ocean and the level of developer skills needed to get everything done we hoped. But are still learning and want to take The Predictors App to the next level on Ocean Protocol. Neither one of us are backend coders, but we are still working to get CoinMarketCap API integrated to provide our live prices. Budgets are tight right now so finishing the publish process of our Ocean dataTokens will have to wait until we can afford it or if we win a prize we will use the funds to finish the data publishing, and hire someone help get CoinMarketCap API working with WordPress.

What's next for The Predictors App

Reaching more people to let them know they can make predictions using the app and get rewarded for contributing prediction data to our datasets. Updating our proof of concept that is focused on crypto only right now, there are big markets beyond crypto prices, that businesses, organizations, and people interested in crowdsourcing predictions about and they can benefit for the wisdom of the crowd. Affiliate modeling for passing on the earnings from our prediction data to our Predictors our app creates a way for people to get Ocean Tokens through our rewards system benefiting the predictors with the highest accuracy.

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