With the development of advanced and super efficient solar panels, access to renewable and cheap energy is becoming easier than ever. It's clear that the future of commutation lies in electric technology. Our project aims to make this transition smooth using the power of the community.

What it does

The PowerUp Network is a way to easily share power that you've generated in your homes or electricity that companies generate in commercial environments. Conventional electric vehicles are researching heavily into easily hot-swappable and lightweight batteries, as the technology gets cheaper.

Our network enables the ones generating excess electricity to sell to consumers who operate electric vehicles.

Salient features :

  • Enables a nation wide recharge station grid.

  • The batteries are all tracked by the network, and vehicle owners may simply swap out batteries at a recharge station.

  • The blockchain network maintains an accountable and public ledger of all battery exchanges, completely removing the barrier to entry into the energy industry.

  • Producers and Consumers have reputation and review values, providing incentives to make proper use of the network and ensure continued use

  • Producers may sell power at prices of their own will, creating a free market. This free market is further made a level playing field and trustworthy by the blockchain system powering it

How we built it

Our prototype uses a local Ethereum blockchain to simulate Producer-VehicleOwner interactions, with a system of multiple smart contracts.

Built With

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