With the new blockchain technology created by Green, it is now possible to purchase a Green Box which allows people to store any electricity they receive, share it, and sell it to people across the world.

To help people understand the way this technology works, the Power Trader Challenge is an educational game and introduces people to the technology step by step, and challenges them to generate the most possible electricity and earn the most possible revenue.

In addition, the game is focused on the state of Wyoming to boost residents of Wyoming to be the early adopters to improve their lifes, by no longer having to worry about their electricity bills.

The Power Trader Challenge focuses on helping people understand the following points:

  • Using Green is different than taking electricity directly from traditional utility providers. It puts you in control.

  • Using Green is easy. You simply buy a Green Box, it's delivered to you at home, and after you have it installed at your home you start storing and being able to trade electricity.

  • To be able to sell and trade electricity you need a Green Box.

  • Despite the Green Box and additional solar panels being pricey (~ $1500) people can earn this money back over time by selling surplus electricity to other people around the world.

  • Interests on financial loans are lower than the amount of money you can make from using the Green Box P2P trading network.

  • Prices for electricity are different around the world. By selling to people in other locations where electricity is higher, you can turn a profit, and your own electricity practically pays for itself!

  • This technology is available now. People don't have to wait to start upgrade their traditional ways of paying for electricity bills.

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