Only 44% of the youngest voters (18-24yr) actually voted in the last UK General Election. The most common reason given for not voting is that 'It won't make any difference' Because of this party politics are geared towards the older electorate - who do vote. This affects benefits, education, housing policy etc.

The Power of Youth app aims to disrupt politics by showing young voters that their vote could make a difference.

When a postcode is entered the app determines which constituency it relates to ( and shows an overlay map of this area - of which I'm particularly pleased! ). It also shows the winning majority from the 2010 election and a census based estimate of the number of 18-24yr olds who did not vote. In many constituencies this number is greater than the majority - showing visually that they would have the power to affect the next election and be heard.

It's not an election simulator by any means - it's a visual demonstrator that hopes to inspire and provoke. A missing next stage was to track users who had signed up to vote so that progress could be captured.

The app has a node.js server and connects to APIs from TheyWorkForYou and MySociety.

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