The Portal Guard: You have been chosen and we need you.

As part of an army that has the right technology and skill you are tasked with keeping an evil from escaping. We will contact you with website addresses that have been infected and we trust that you know what to do to keep us all safe.

The Portal Guard is a first-person shooting experience centered around augmented reality that gets its markers from websites and content around the web. Powered under the hood by Qualcomm's Vuforia, the game presents players with URL's that are encoded into the cloud recognition service from Vuforia. Once a successful recognition occurs a portal is augmented on a user's screen and the battle begins.

Gameplay consists of shooting "bugs" as they walk along the walls of an augmented portal and eventually attack the portal itself. If a portal suffers enough damage it will be forced to close and a new portal's url is given. Succeed in defending a portal until it closes and you are presented with a new portal's url. Possible win/loss/score mechanics may surface during development but the main focus is a simple, entertaining and lightly story-driven augmented reality experience that allows the Moverio's technology to shine.

If a website's design has changed enough to cause tracking to fail a user has the ability to request a new url to attempt gameplay. URLs will be held in a simple XML document housed on my website and periodic checks will be made to ensure enough sites are available for users. If the project proves successful a simple automated system will be developed to periodically compare site's to their tracking markers and notify me so actions can be taken or the entire solution can be ported to Epson's servers to alleviate the burden and hosting impacts.

A video link has been included and illustrates a simple AR overview that I mocked up while establishing the concept but the art has since changed to match the story that was decided for this:

All design in the included screenshots is FPO (For Placement Only) and will mature and be refined before development begins.

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