The idea of an inflatable bathtub spawned from working as a floor nurse taking care of patients with pungent odors, patients with wounds, patients who are immobile, and patients with acute and chronic ambulatory dysfunction. The notion that a soaking bath for patients is better at gently cleansing the skin and for optimal wound healing over a classic bedbath is a critical component to ridding the patient of bacterial build up over time. Nurses find it challenging enough to thoroughly wash dried stool and dried bloodstains off patients when performing wipe down bedbaths alone. In addition, there are those hard to reach areas between folds of skin and deep into the groin areas that would be better served by soaking in water alone. With this product nurses can safely bathe their patients in a few inches of water by placing the inflatable bathtub on a stretcher or bed while inflating the tub around the patient, similar to that of a kids rectangular pool and with the use of a small hose from the sink or a few basin fillings, then initiating the washing process. After use, empty via a bottom plug, deflate, save for same patient reuse or dispose into garbage. Again, with this system patients can be safely washed and cleansed. Patients and family members alike will smile when they see how much happier and how refreshed their family members feel. Bathing in water promotes proper skincare and healing at a time in healthcare where optimal skincare is at an all time high. Users includes nursing departments, the nurse, the nursing assistant, technicians private home caregivers and anyone in healthcare who provides care for patients.

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