To help men and women by assisting users to monitor their health by cata"Logging" their stools.

What it does

Users will be presented a screen with three characteristics of stool that can determine how healthy they are (shape, smell, and color), as well as, a button that will do two actions. The button will save the choices made by the user, and transitions to another screen showing a calendar with the current date colored by their level tendency (green for a healthy tendency, yellow for a cautious tendency, and red for a hazardous tendency), and provide recommendations the user to deal with mild cases, along with a notice to visit a doctor in a time frame depending on their tendency.

How we built it

Our team decided that the android platform was the best market for this app, so we used the Android Studio Development Application, while incorporating OOP (Object Oriented Programming) through the implementation of Java.

Challenges we ran into

Time was of some concern, but not fatal. Our planning stage was extremely thorough; however, it has given us more drive to continue this project after this competition. Finally, learning how make the UI and UX more polished and responsive to the user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of our team's ability to handle individual member assignments, the team's adaptive responses to the problems mentioned earlier; the team is extremely proud of this new, innovative idea that can help users monitor their health, and could potentially save lives.

What we learned

We have acquired better time management habits, positive communication methods, building our teamwork in a fun manor, and what makes a great team (the answer... great friends)

What's next for The Poop Scoop

We want to strive for a full, dynamic layout for our app, to make this app available for free on the Google Play Store (because no one should to pay to be healthy), and let everyone know, "Why not get the scoop on their poop!"

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