File sharing mega platforms have ruled the past couple of years. Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, and other cloud storage services have revolutionized the way we store data. However, the main similarity among these applications is that they all require a login to access your data and share it with other users. This makes it increasingly tedious to share files quickly with a group of people you don't know around you.

Enter POND, the first location based file sharing service that doesn't need a login authentication. Imagine a professor, teaching a lecture hall of 200 students, wants to quickly share a file with everyone in the audience. He simply goes the URL, uploads the file, and selects a radius within which people can see the file. Then the students go to the same URL, click the file in the pond they want and download it to their computer. No login or credentials needed.

Additionally, the uploader can also select a lifetime for the file, for example 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the file will no longer be visible in that location. Furthermore, to make files more secure, there is an optional password key allowing only users with the password to download the file.

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