I have been listening to business podcasts for about 4 years now and I find that I do not take any notes or data on any of the podcast I'm listening to. Assembly AI gave me the inspiration on an easy way to retrieve data from all the podcast I listen to.

What it does

This application analyses podcasts and retrieves data that can be used for data analysis. The application can do podcast transcription, topic extraction and more thanks to Assembly AI.

How we built it

I built this application with streamline and python. Podcast index is the API I used to query podcast episodes. Assembly AI was used for the AI transcription and other features.

Challenges we ran into

My main challenge was time, I had a lot less time to complete the entry.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud that I got the basic application working.

What we learned

I learned about using assembly AI with python and streamlit

What's next for The Podflow

I would like to complete the required features of the application:

  • Data extraction to CSV
  • UI for results from Assembly Ai
  • User accounts to have users save data extractions

Built With

  • assemblyai
  • podcastindex
  • python
  • streamlit
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