Jamchester 2017 Game Jam project built in a single weekend, inspired by the theme "Shape the Future".

It is a 4 player competitive tactical shooter, where the players simultaneously pre-program their actions in a planning phase, which is proceeded by an action phase that plays them out. Players can move along a grid, or shoot in 360 degrees with each of their 6 actions, adding a strategic element to navigating the level, shooting at opponents, and dodging potential incoming shots. Try to anticipate your opponents plays and counter act, but be careful - one shot and you're dead! Players are also incentivised to move around to collect treasure throughout the museum theme map.

The game was built using Unity3D for project development, Fmod studio for audio implementation, and MagicaVoxel and Maya to construct to environment and 3D assets.

The biggest challenge we ran into was getting consistent and reliable functionality from 4 connected gamepads through Unity's input manager, however we managed to use XInput directly to get 4 player gameplay fully functional.

We're really proud of the bespoke voxel art and audio created for the game, and how fun the gameplay mechanic is to play.

The finished build only demonstrates the core concept, but the potential to build on and improve the game is endless. We hope to take the development further in the future!

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