During your lovely trip in abroad, finding accesses to the data/internet connections is such a pain. With many unexpected events and tight schedules, you are more likely to be careless and lose your properties. This is one of the critical issues that most of the people should have experienced before. The Phone Magnet is an absolute solution for those are looking for your lost smartphone with no data/internet connections.

What it does

After installing a mobile application and registering for The Phone Magnet, the smartphone can be tracked its location via any browsers as long as that smartphone has a cellular connection to receive and send SMSs. The application will monitor all incoming SMSs and filter out the messages from the specific number which is the Twilio number integrated into The Phone Magnet tracking system. Once the application receive the SMS from our server, it will trigger and send another SMS with the geolocation information attached back to the browser. Additionally, the smartphone can capture an image automatically and send it along with the geolocation just to add a little more information for finding your phone!

How we built it

We used JavaScript for the website front end, node.js for the server running on AWS that manages all the work and an Android app on the phone, which listens for and replies with SMS after carrying out all the necessary actions. The server uses Twilio to send and receive SMS.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging thing we faced was to send the image from a phone to the server. Moreover, the capturing itself is another difficult challenge because it has to capture without manually using the phone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We brainstormed the ideas from 'why' we make it. And then 'how' we it would help, and to ‘whom’. Therefore we proudly came up with the idea of ‘what’ we would be making, with a clear purpose and a strong belief that it would be used for good.

What we learned

We learned that sending information such as image is not as simple as we thought. As well as the making of a functional mobile application of auto running when it receives a contact from a specific number.

What's next for The Phone Magnet

We will definitely develop more additional functions increase the possible of users to find their phones. (ex. voice, dark screen in case of stolen, etc)

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