Inspiration Spending too much time on our phones during the pandemic because we have nothing else to distract ourselves with.

What it does It will only let you take your phone out for 10 minutes at a time to use the phone. If you don't put the phone back within ten minutes then the box will begin to beep.

How we built it We synced up an ultrasonic sensor with a timer and a buzzer and created a separate system for the motor that opens the box from a push of the button.

Challenges we ran into A huge challenge was being able to use the esp32 to power the motor. We found at time that the esp32 simply wasn't strong enough. Another issue we ran into was that based on the amount of wires, trying to put the project all together in the end was really difficult because every couple of seconds something would fall apart.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Getting all of the parts to work properly.

What we learned We probably should have spent a little more time on the project. Although hacking began Friday night we only really had time to start on Saturday morning.

What's next for The Phone Box We would like to hopefully add more features to possibly make an incentive program for putting the phone back in the box.

Built With

  • 7segmentdisplay
  • arduino
  • breaboard
  • buzzer
  • dcmotor
  • esp32
  • l293d
  • ultrasonicsensor
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