No Man's Sky. Interested in space and Egyptian mythology.

What it does

Explore an infinitely procedurally generated outer space. The goal is to build 10 dyson spheres as quickly as possible. Travel between solar systems. Manage resources. This is only the beginning in your colonization of space.

How I built it

We initially designed, then we implemented. We used Javascript, HTML5, and CSS. We built our own custom 2d game engine along with an intuitive windowing system. These foundations allowed for a simpler implementation process. It also allowed for easy extension. The windowing system allows intuitive user input flow.

Challenges I ran into

Javascript references/pointers. Small oversights, and of course no sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fully functional game. Completed to our Hack Western implementation goal. Fully completed visual and audio.

What I learned

Peer work is great. Design games around user experience, not features. Soylent probably tastes better with nesquik.

What's next for The Pharaoh Frontier

Introduce challenge by creating defensive and offensive structures to combat alien threats. Since state is very simply represented, a massive multiplayer online version using Node.JS isn't out of the question.

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