Two members on our team are currently on the Women's Varsity Rowing team at WPI and there have always been issues and complications creating lineups (who will be in what boat, etc.) and many times some athletes are forgotten due to the large amount of members on the team. One of our team members had a coach in high school who asked for an easier way to build lineups, preferably through technology. Her coach used to use popsicle sticks with magnets to figure out lineups. This application will take less time and it will be easier to determine which athlete is already in a boat, and which ones need to be added to a boat.

What it does

This application allows coaches to register their teams and rosters, which eventually allows them to have a detailed user interface of a boat that they can choose (we have three different boats that have 8 seats). They will have oars (starboard and port - the two sides that rowers can be) as well as a microphone that represents the coxswain (there is one coxswain per boat). The coaches can then drag and drop each oar (that has each rowers name on it) onto a boat that is in the middle of the screen. One feature that it has is that it will grey out an oar if it is selected and dragged into a boat. This allows the coach to know which athletes are already selected to be in a boat.

How I built it

We used android studio, with java, xml, and photoshop (creating visuals) to build this application.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges we ran into were that none of us were extremely familiar with android studio, so it took more time to resolve errors and it took a while for our github to work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We overcame many different challenges, while every group member had a different strengths and different backgrounds (two CS majors, one MIS major).

What I learned

How to build an android application from scratch!

What's next for The Perfect Lineup

We would like to eventually make it available for all sports, this would be a great tool for every sports coach to use!

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