I've been in classrooms where there are multiple students doing presentations in a row, and there's always a good 5 minutes of downtime where nothing happens because one person is waiting to log in, or get to their powerpoint. This could be taken care of with setting that all up beforehand, and only having to log in once!

What it does

Congregates links to other people's powerpoints, with the idea being you would make a 'session' for your unique set of presentations and would then load up the page when you are ready to present, only having to click on to the next person's powerpoint.

How I built it

Used the boilerplate code from, then did lots of googling to figure out how to work with everything there.

It uses Node.js to run a sever, built with express to make simple boilerplate code. The data is stored in a PostgreSQL database and accessed using the Sequalize node.js package.

The styling is done with bootstrap.

Challenges I ran into

I have never programmed in Node.js, or done much work with server-side code, or used PostgreSQL, or talked with an actual database and not a pre-set 'educational' database. All of this combined together to lots of figuring out things on the fly as I went on.

Time was a problem as well, since several major projects are coming up in my schoolwork, so I wasn't able to devote the full 24 hours to the project.

Not being able to run the project on an actual server, so not getting to use

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to successfully post and get data from Node.JS after starting from nothing!

Being able to get things running while working on a small, $200 laptop running Linux Lite (which I am not terribly familiar with)

remembering the joy of getting deep into a project where I'm learning and can keep finding new things as I work through problems!

Having all of the basics I wanted to have done, and having a successful Minimum Viable Product

What I learned

How to use Node.JS to create servers, and how some of the more finnicky parts of server-side code work.

Debugging server-side code is hard.

You can't really split tasks at all, if you're learning something new, you have to devote the time to it.

What's next for The People's Power(Points)

Re-ordering the powerpoint presentations.

Having a button to open all of the presentations at once so you just have to move from tab to tab.

Adding password protected presentations.

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