When we were thinking of an idea for this hackathon, we started to get stressed. We then thought, "Hey, following the theme of summer, how about we make a VR app that is by the ocean and also a peaceful place?"

What it does

It is a nice, calm 3D environment where you can relax, and virtually experience the ocean.

How we built it

We used A-Frame, a JavaScript based VR engine.

Challenges we ran into

On mobile, there is no keyboard, so you can't move around, so we had to figure out a way for mobile controls

What we learned

We learned a bit about A-Frame, as well as making VR applications.

What's next for The Peaceful Space

We want to add more scenes to relax in


On the first time using it, you have to move, and then reload it to get the audio

How this applies to Let's Give Back Hack

While people are hacking, it can get pretty stressful. They can use this to take a little bit of time off and relax

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