So this starts with a personal story during this war crisis when people were getting stuck in Ukraine and I met a lady in the bus who was talking about her son to someone in a phone call who was stuck in Ukraine and was a student there and is unable to come and fears each and every moment as he steps out of the home to get emergency supplies, thinking that the next bomb may fall on him and can take his life. And I took notes for the problems she was mentioning and later brainstormed it to find some solutions. And unfortunately this kind of thing happened to an Indian student who was studying medicine there and died. After this I looked more deep into the problem and thought that I need to find out a solution real quick and all of these happened just before this hackathon. I was thinking about another project but thought that I should build this one here as there are many people who need help in the country in a very short time and this would be the perfect place to connect with the leaders to help me with the implementation of this solution. And I really want to make this into a success within the next few weeks to help millions of people get out of the warzone and save their lives.

Why is it important

Getting accurate information about people from other countries stuck in the war zone, Providing fast contacts to agencies/NGOs, Helping them to avoid dangerous areas helping them save their lives from the areas having intense bombing, Provide remote first aid assistance, Making it easier for the embassies to get info about their citizens to provide help, Making the whole process fast by going digital, Getting evacuation notices by different countries at a trusted place causing them not to roam around social media and get false information or rumors.

What it does

It helps to bridge the communication gap between the rescue agencies and the people who need help, get remote medical assistance, find the safest routes and avoid places having intense bombing, SOS in case of major casualties or any other worse situation, Find the nearest emergency contacts possible, Contacting the embassies and sharing information to them like location to fast forward the process, Tracking the places where most of the citizens of their countries are trapped

How we built it

It's a really vast software to make and with not much of experience it was not possible for me to make it into a full fledged solution within such a short time but still I tried to represent the whole idea in a visual based approach through designs made with figma.

Challenges we ran into

As I was looking for teams and not getting them, I decided to work on this project myself regardless of personal problems coming into my way causing me to have less time and also trying to work for long hours while having healthcare issues. Also trying to figure out the functions to be added and how it can work with the platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I came up with an idea to help the world in the Ukraine crisis within such a short time and took the responsibility to create the solution, Analyzed more into the crisis to add works on my research paper, Got to know more crisis management, Made one of the world's first war peace focused solution.

What we learned

How to use technology for war crisis, Assisting non-profits, How a phone can save people's lives if used in the correct way, How digitalization of tasks helps it to move them smoothly and fast forward the process.

What's next for The Peace Software

I would like to gather up a team and work on it to make it a working solution by designing the backend and partnering with agencies and governments to help these millions of people get into a safe place within the next 1-2 weeks. This is a very much needed solution as they have almost no other forms of contacts other than their mobile phones and the internet. And are getting confused and loosing their time by using different platforms and traditional phone calls(which are getting busy) to help them.

Built With

  • figma
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