Built to address the GrowNYC local food provenance challenge, The Origins Project is a platform for crowd-sourcing the verification of claims made by food producers. TOP combines an NLP interface with a public blockchain to allow food producers to register claims about the properties of their products (such as Made in NYC) and for others to attest to the validity of these claims. Consumers can then follow sources of attestation that they trust and ask TOP to verify the claims made by any product they encounter while they are shopping.

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What it does

The Origin Project uses blockchain to connect Consumers with local Producers in order to maintain trust in the claims made over their produce. It is actually a protocol for any similar delegated social proof system, and could be applied to any supply chain which would benefit from an end-to-end trust solution.

How we built it

A smart contract is used to crowdsource attestations from the local community while Google speech-to-text and Amazon text-to-speech powers the natural language interface.

Challenges we ran into

Getting natural language processing to work and creating a struct with an array of other structs in Solidity

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting natural language processing to work

What we learned

Ethereum smart contracts

What's next for The Origins Project

Integrate to a Blockchain identity solution like uPort

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