The OnTime app was built out of a need for a simplified transit app for my local city. In London, Ontario the local transit company had this hidden gem of GPS data for the local buses, but a very clunky, web only way to view the information. That is when the OnTime app was born to give local users a way to view the information when away from their computers.

The OnTime app is geared towards every transit rider, from those who use it as their daily way to move around the city, the type of people who hope to speak to when asking where a bus goes. All the way to the weekend rider who only use the transit system every so often.

The features in the app make it useful to both groups, having Favourites available to quickly view arrival times. As well as trip planning, and mapview, useful to view entire routes to see where they end up.

With the features in the app, the OnTime app will be the last app you need in order to navigate your local transit system.

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