Game design is one of our team's favorite ways to challenge ourselves to push our limits. There's so much that goes into this submission besides the lines of code - modeling, hardware interfaces, music design - that it lets us really invest ourselves in the work. For us, it was a question of - what hardware can we get our hands on, and what is the most audacious thing we can do with it?

Using a Myo means you can't really use a keyboard. Using an Oculus means you can look around - but how do you move? We decided that the only viable concept would be flight - so we designed the game around a jet-powered arm, so that location can be altered by different arm actions. Enemies, obstacles, lighting, music - they all come very easily when you get excited about the concept, and we have been very excited all weekend; just as we are excited to show you the progress we've made.

It's not a finished product, for sure - but damn did we pour ourselves into it.

We hope you enjoy.

  • Steve and the team
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