I though if I could make a app that is all for the person that will use the app so I made this

What it does

The app can tell you a joke, make tasks, show you a map if you use it with a phone.

How we built it

I built it with a website named thunkable with is a website that you can make your app with blocks, kinda like a scratch but you can put a google firebase on it

Challenges we ran into

A challenge I ran into is the login with firebase and the Realtime database for the task and the notebook so if you get out of the app the app will remember what you did so it will show it to you

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishment that I made is the sign in with firebase and the Realtime db

What we learned

How to use the firebase for db because I am used to the sign in but I found out the database so i added it to the app

What's next for The notebook app

The notebook app will have a major update after the academies of a new interface and some new options like a calculator and even a tracker to track some ones phone if added to a group thanks to firebase

Built With

  • block
  • scrach
  • thunkable
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