Many people don't realize how great the threat of gerrymandering is, for it is not often talked about, but it can drastically shape democracy in the United States. In order to fight gerrymandering, I thought about using a computer algorithm to draw district without partisanship.

What it does

There are many components to the project, for there is a CSV value converter and a visualizer tool from text files. The heart and soul of the New Maps Project is the powerful redistricting algorithm written in java. It redistricts without using partisan data and creates neat and fair maps for any state in the Union

How I built it

Java is used to power the district drawing algorithm. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used for the web components, like the visualizer and the CSV converter.

Challenges I ran into

Gathering the data was a huge challenge, for no centralized resource has a CSV file of a state's town name, population, and lat/long values. All these pieces of info I needed for the algorithm and I was a challenge to find this. Also, developing an entirely new algorithm from scratch is incredibly difficult, especially when working with big data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I created a CSV converter which takes tabulated info about a state's towns and population, and converted them into CSV files, which I can use for my project, bypassing the data collection hurdle. I also successfully made the algorithm and executed it to complete a redistricting in full.

What's next for The New Maps Project

We seek to publish full data from running the algorithms to all 50 states in the Union.

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