We have a lot of friends who are LGBTQ+, but don’t receive support from many people and need help coming to terms with it. We all felt the need to have a support system for them, and came up with the idea for our website. We were also inspired by the letter program.

What it does

It acts as a place for encouragement from allies of LGBTQ+, and other LGBTQ+ people themselves. We designed a letter system where individuals who desire support for a friend or for themselves can submit a form to be featured on the website. From there, we have another section on the website where letter writers and others seeking to support these people can fill out a request form to write a letter to them. Essentially, people can come looking for advice or a solution to their predicaments, and others can help them find that solution. Moreover, people can submit a positive quote on the main page to be featured. Finally, we have a news page for individuals looking to see inspirational stories that are linked to external websites.

How we built it

We built this website by utilizing Qoom, and in the process struggled with learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript to properly design it.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we had no idea how to transform our mere idea into an aesthetic, uplifting website with multiple pages. Over the course of these three days, we went from not knowing any HTML to being able to debug small styling errors. We believe Qoom was a substantial struggle for us, as we could not collaborate while the owner was not available, and there were many errors with saving. At one point on the first day, we lost all our work and had to start from scratch. Debugging was extremely difficult sometimes, and even as we are submitting it right now, we had to scrap many ideas and revert the code due to insufficient time to debug.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think our biggest accomplishment is just developing a website- three high schoolers who only knew the basic idea of HTML before this hackathon- as we had no idea how we were going to begin designing a website at the start. However, the collective aid of the workshops and our own perseverance led us to produce a product that was not only aesthetic, but functional also. We think we are most proud of creating multiple pages that are somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

What we learned

We gained an immense amount of knowledge about HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The styling is probably the major idea that we newly comprehended- how to make the background, text boxes, buttons, and more, work together in the final product. At the beginning of this, we all knew merely how to open and end tags to write non stylized text. Even if we don’t win anything, we have come a long way over these few days and are proud of this learning experience.

What's next for The Neon Unicorn

We want to have outreach methods such as social media to encourage this letter system and our website. Furthermore, we hope to create a chatroom in the future on the website in real-time. Prior to the creation of the letter system, we were debating whether to possess a messaging system instead, or even a forum. Finally, we would love to expand the styling of the website and overall make the look more unique.

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