Originally, we had an idea to make a realtime map for any stores or businesses that were offering trick-or-treating. We figured that needy kids could access the map, perhaps through food pantries, and see where they could get candy on Halloween. Then, it hit us- why not apply this to food in general? So much food goes to waste every year; restaurants and hotels throw whatever is not eaten out at the end of each day. This food can go to better use, and we realized we could use our service to bridge this gap.

What It Does

We have a website where businesses can post notifications when they have leftover food at the end of the day. Homeless shelters and food pantries can see such hotels and restaurants that are nearby. Businesses can also search up food pantries to see where they can send unused food.

How We Built It

Through HTML and CSS, we created and formatted a website on the Sublime Text Editor. We implemented APIs and widgets from Google Maps, to show nearby places, and Twitter, to show realtime updates.

Challenges We Ran Into

It was challenging to format the webpage and bring it a clean, professional look. Also, implementing a search box for Google Maps, so one can search up nearby restaurants or food pantries, was difficult since we did not initially work it into our code.

Accomplishments That We Are Proud Of

We are proud that we created a service that can truly benefit society and do good for people who don't have ready access to food. Besides this, it reduces the amount of waste.

What We Learned

Our knowledge of HTML and CSS languages has substantially grown, as we discovered new functions and applications.

What's Next For The Need For Feed

The Need For Feed website could use more development to make it a more efficient, capable service. Our business could be expanded into a delivery system, with sources of capital including advertising and potential government funding.

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