We love our computers. Like, a lot - so much that we can hardly imagine a world without them. But for people who have limited control in using their hands due to amputations or diseases like Parkinson's, a world without computers is the unfortunate reality.

We think everybody should have access to opportunities that computers can provide, so we created a prototype that uses an Arduino attached to a pair of glasses to translate head movements into cursor controls.

Mobile Device Concept

For people who have disabilities affecting their hands, the inability to control a computer with accuracy and convenience can have a huge impact on their lives. By using a pair of glasses (a user-friendly and easily produced tool), our hack can provide a light-weight and effective solution to a really harmful problem.

What it does

  • Grants the user the magical essence named "The Force"
  • Uses an Arduino attached to glasses to send head movement data to a computer to control the cursor
  • Arduino attached to glasses picks up head movements using the gyroscope
  • Motion data is relayed over bluetooth to the user's phone and used to control the computer's cursor

How we built it

  • Because of the challenges listed below, we ended up having to pass our data through a variety of devices than we thought
    • The gyro's data on the arduino is first passed to Android device since Android supports BLE
    • The data is then uploaded to Firebase database
    • Small and lightweight desktop app receives these data and translates it into mouse coordinates

Challenges we ran into

  • The venue did not have stable internet
  • Power outages occurred
  • Did not find BLE libraries for Java
  • Could not use COM libraries for Java
  • First time using an arduino

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our data took a detour, but it still reached its destination

What we learned

  • Hardware is not really friendly, but fun to work with

What's next for The MVC by BAYCK

  • Better control of "The Force"
  • Better security
  • World wide domination
  • Future features: voice control, supporting different mouse functionality
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