Inspiration -

Inspired by the Chennai Floods 2015 where we struggled a lot because of lack of planning

What it does -

Helps to tackle the problems faced by corporate companies due to Diverse Climatic conditions

How we built it -

Canva and Powerpoint

Challenges we ran into -

Time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

This is our first project together and this is also the first time we are building a wireframe using Canva

What we learned -

  1. More knowledge on the applications of canva
  2. Importance of team work
  3. A lot of information on climatic conditions and disasters

What's next for The Mute Queen

We are planning to build this wireframe into an application and try to test it in our college environment. We believe that the testing phase will open up many ideas as well as help us to debug the app effectively.

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