I've had the idea for this for a while and decided the dragonboard challenge was a great opportunity to actually implement it

What it does

I've been amassing neat electronic trinkets & components and I've tried to integrate the best of them into making an impenetrable lock

How I built it

I used the Arduino IDE because I have a bit of experience with it, and all the electronic components I have are made for Arduino

Challenges I ran into

The dragonboard is running an old version of the Arduino IDE, and as a result can't use some of the libraries I included in my project. I'd just update it, but something strange is going on with the Arduino site, the entire downloads section of it returns a 403 forbidden to any device that tries to access it. Because of this I may end up having to demo my project on an Arduino, which kind of defeats the purpose of the 'Best IoT Hack Using a Qualcomm Device' challenge, but my project is fully functional and would be capable of running on a dragonboard if it could update itself, so I hope it won't make too much of a difference

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm impressed I didn't run out of gpio pins for what I included

What I learned

Gpio cables start to get really messy when you have 30 of them involved

What's next for The Most Secure Lock

I'd like to get a bigger breadboard and add even more parts to it, I originally wanted it to generate a series of random numbers on a tiny alarm-clock-ish display for you to punch into the keypad as you went, but I accidentally forgot a resistor and burned out half the display while testing so that part had to be dropped. I also wanted to have a game of pong on a small screen controlled by a radio dial, but I didn't have quite enough gpio pins, the screen would've taken up a lot of them.

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